Lillapois is the innovative drugstore chain specialized in beauty products, and in personal- and home care.

We choose all our merchandise specifically for its quality and extreme value for money. Lillapois offers a vast selection of products that are always in step with the latest trends and technology.
Lillapois opened its first store in January 2014. Watch our stores mushroom throughout Italy and Europe!


As the name suggests, Lillapois is about originality in style and products: femininity and diversity is what makes us different from the usual drug stores.The focus of Lillapois is on today’s women, who are always driving the evolution in the consumer goods world, and who have always an eye for optimizing quality and value. We also care about men, for whom we have specially-selected brands and products.

At every Lillapois store, we welcome our customers in a delightful atmosphere which holds an authentic mixture of design, sounds and colours which generates strong and satisfying shopping emotions. Plus, the path through shelves and stands is simple, harmonious and clear.


The Lillamoi brand area, which bigger and more innovative compared to usual drug stores, is dedicated to personal beauty. Here you’ll find a host of item to choose from, suited to all personal tastes and look. It has a vast range of make-up products of the most popular shades; fresh, sweet and spicy fragrances; body lotions and face moisturisers, and more. In short, everything to take care of ourselves.
Lillapois is a brand of IDS S.R.L., part of the Gruppo Auchan.


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